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Is Sumy under threat from Russia?

Is Sumy under threat from Russia? Photo: Is there a threat of a Russian offensive on Sumy (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Russia is not abandoning plans for an offensive on the Sumy region. However, the occupation of Sumy is a challenging task for the enemy, according to the head of the Sumy City Military Administration, Oleksiy Drozdenko.

Drozdenko says the Russians are indeed amassing forces. According to intelligence data, the enemy has no armored vehicles. Meanwhile, personnel numbers are increasing.

The head of the City Military Administration notes that an offensive is currently beyond the enemy's capabilities, as it won't lead to any significant successes. He compared the situation to the offensive in the Kharkiv region, where minor successes for the Russians resulted in significant losses. Even in the event of an advance on Sumy, the enemy would have no chance of reaching the city.

Shelling of Sumy

Drozdenko also says that there is no threat to the city from artillery. He explained that to strike, the Russians would need to position their artillery within about 10 kilometers of the city, or even closer.

"At the moment, this is impossible, so artillery fire is out of the question. From the air, perhaps, but considering the latest news and confirmations from various military units regarding pilots trained on F16s and planes, I am expecting that even in the air, it will become easier for us with the carriers of guided aerial bombs," he noted.

The risk of an offensive

The head of the City Military Administration noted that while an attempt to advance is possible, the occupation of Sumy is not.

"No one knows for sure when they might suddenly jump out of the trench and rush into this senseless attack against us. But I can tell you for sure that they have no chance of reaching Sumy," explained Drozdenko.

Russia's offensive

Recently, the enemy launched an offensive in the Kharkiv region, but due to the lack of success, it decided to stretch the line of fighting towards the Donetsk region. According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the hottest directions today are Pokrovsk, Kramatorsk, and Kurakhove.

According to updated data from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russian forces are trying to advance in most directions, with the most activity observed in Kupiansk and Pokrovsk directions.