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Is it necessary to eat soup every day?

Is it necessary to eat soup every day? Are soups good for the health (photo: Freepik)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Grandmas and moms always said that it's necessary to eat soup or another liquid dish once a day. As it turned out, this statement is not correct, according to Ukrainian doctor and trainer Uliana Verner.

Is soup really healthy

According to the expert, many people believe that without soups, their gastrointestinal tract will stop functioning.

But the problem is not in soups, but in the lack of fluids in the diet. Soups just help you consume more fluids. This effect can be achieved by consuming more fluid.

Therefore, it is a myth that you must eat soups. The doctor noted that soups are not beneficial to the body at all. On the contrary, everything useful is already boiled out.

Tips for eating soup

There are certain tips for eating soup:

  • soup should not be too hot or too cold
  • it is undesirable to eat a spicy first course
  • do not cook soup with fatty broth (you can use chicken)
  • when cooking soup, avoid seasonings containing chemical food additives, instant soups from sachets, and broth cubes
  • It is also not recommended to fry soup in sunflower oil

Who should not eat soup

People with certain food allergies or individual intolerance to certain ingredients that may be contained in soups should avoid these dishes or choose alternatives.

In case of diseases of the digestive tract, some soups can be difficult to digest or even irritate the digestive system.

People with certain dietary restrictions, such as diets that limit fluids or certain foods, should avoid consuming soups that do not meet their dietary needs.