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Is battery saver mode always on good for your smartphone? Answer might surprise you

Is battery saver mode always on good for your smartphone? Answer might surprise you Illustrative photo (

If your smartphone is draining its battery too quickly, you might immediately consider enabling battery saver mode. Whether it is worth always keeping this mode turned on, writes MakeUseOf.

Advantages of enabling battery saver mode

Permanently enabling battery saver mode brings significant benefits, primarily increasing the device's usage duration without worrying about rapid smartphone discharge.

The device automatically shuts down or limits the operation of power-consuming programs and functions, such as a constantly active display and background program updates, resulting in extended battery life.

Another advantageous aspect of enabling battery saver mode is a reduction in mobile data consumption. Since the device restricts background data synchronization, this leads to a decrease in the amount of transmitted information over time. This is particularly useful in the case of a limited mobile data plan.

Drawbacks of enabling battery saver mode

The screen will be constantly dim and less contrasted, the user interface may respond more slowly, and essential programs and functions, such as notifications and GPS, may work improperly or fail altogether.

Additionally, with the battery saver function enabled, programs will not automatically update in the background, which may lead to missing important information, news, updates, messages, or even calls. There is also a risk of connectivity issues with the Internet or other devices.

However, as it turns out, reducing overall load and energy consumption speed can be beneficial, as it allows stopping rapid battery discharge and lowering the device's workload.

When to enable battery saver mode

  • When the battery level is low (below 15-30 percent) to avoid a complete discharge.

  • If a long day is ahead, especially without access to a charger.

  • If you want to use your phone for work or in emergency situations, it may make sense to sacrifice functions affected by battery saver mode. This means saving battery and retaining only necessary programs and functions.

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