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Iran unveils significantly enhanced Mohajer-10 drone

Iran unveils significantly enhanced Mohajer-10 drone Photo: Iran significantly enhances Mohajer-10 drone (

Iran has announced developing an enhanced drone Mohajer-10 with a flight distance sufficient to reach the sworn enemy of the country, Israel, informs IRNA.

It is claimed that the drone has a range of 2000 kilometers and can fly for up to 24 hours. Its payload capacity can reach 300 kilograms, which is twice the payload capacity of the Mohajer-6 drone. The drone can fly at a maximum speed of 210 kilometers per hour and carry various types of ammunition and bombs. It is also equipped with electronic warfare and reconnaissance information-gathering systems.

"Mohajer" in Farsi means "immigrant" and is a line of drones produced by the Islamic Republic since 1985.

Mohajer-10 resembles the American MQ-9 Reaper drone. According to Bloomberg, Iran has previously captured American drones or their parts, but there is no evidence that they captured a Reaper by General Atomics, which is used by the US Air Force and allied American countries as a "hunter-killer" drone capable of operating at high altitudes for extended hours and tracking targets before an attack.

In December 2011, Iran captured the RQ-170 Sentinel drone operated by the CIA for surveillance of Iranian nuclear facilities after it entered Iranian airspace from neighboring Afghanistan. Iran later reverse-engineered the drone to create its own variants.

In 2019, Iran shot down a US Navy RQ-4A Global Hawk drone in the Strait of Hormuz amid heightened tensions due to the failure of the nuclear deal with world powers.

Iranian drones in Russia's war with Ukraine

Russia extensively uses Iranian drones for attacks on Ukraine's civilian infrastructure. It is believed that Iran provided Russia with over 400 drones, including Shahed 131, 136, and Mohajer models, and Russia has nearly depleted this supply.

However, with Iran's assistance, Russia is building a drone production plant on its territory, which could further impact the war in Ukraine. This new plant will provide Russia with a significantly larger supply of drones than it could obtain from Iran before.