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Inspect your garage: Avoid storing these 5 items

Inspect your garage: Avoid storing these 5 items Items you shouldn't store in your garage (photo:

The presence of a garage is convenient not only for storing a car but also for many other items. Garages are often transformed into workshops and storage spaces for various belongings. However, accumulating too many things in the garage isn't recommended. Some items should not be stored in your garage, writes Lifehacker.

Books, documents, magazines

Avoid storing your collection of magazines, family photos, important documents, or anything made of paper or cardboard in the garage. Humidity and dampness can cause irreversible damage, and valuable items might have to be discarded.

Home furniture

Furniture made of solid wood or particleboard can deform or crack due to moisture and temperature fluctuations, while metal furniture may start to rust.


Your garage should not double as a pantry, so find another place to store canned goods and dry products. This also applies to pet food and bird seeds, which can attract pests outdoors and make it easier for them to access your home.


The garage is not a suitable place to store clothing, even if it is packed in plastic bags with a tight lid. Humidity and dampness can lead to mold growth, and rodents and other pests might use your old sweaters as nesting material.


Rolling up a carpet or rug and storing it in the garage might seem like a good way to save space inside, but it can lead to the flooring becoming moldy and unusable.

Most garages are not designed to function as universal storage spaces. The lack of insulation, ventilation, and climate control means it is typically not the best place to store your belongings. Consider alternative storage solutions to ensure the longevity of your items.