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In Orsk, Russia, refinery stopped due to dam breach

In Orsk, Russia, refinery stopped due to dam breach Photo: Orsk Refinery stopped due to a dam breach (Russian media)

The Russian city of Orsk continues to flood due to a dam breach. The local oil refinery has halted operations, according to Russian media.

"The Orsk refinery has suspended operations due to an abnormal flood to avoid environmental risks and ensure safety protocols," Russian sources report.

Orsknefteorgsintez is one of Russia's major oil refineries. According to reports, floodwaters have reached several kilometers into the refinery's territory, and railway tracks in Orsk have been submerged, making refinery operations impossible.

The capacity of the Orsk refinery is approximately 6.6 million tons per year, with a focus on aviation kerosene production.


On April 5th, a dam breach occurred in Orsk, Russia, leading to flooding in the city due to the Ural River overflowing its banks. Local authorities declared evacuations.

On April 6th, another breach occurred in a levee along the Ural River, exacerbating flooding in Orsk.

As of this morning, Russian media reported a water level rise of 11 meters in Orsk. Several neighboring villages were flooded, and Orsk experienced power outages and partial gas supply disruptions. Schools shifted to remote learning.