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Important period until end of October: Things every zodiac sign should know

Important period until end of October: Things every zodiac sign should know Things every zodiac sign needs to know in October (photo:
Author: Maria Kholina

Horoscope for the second half of October promises a significant period in the lives of all representatives of the zodiac constellation. And for each zodiac sign, astrologers have prepared a phrase that will provide the key to events in the next two weeks, according to Collective World.


Your courage is charming only when it is not achieved at the expense of others.


No one can read your mind, so you should start sharing your thoughts and explain why you are upset.


Other people shouldn't entertain you when you're bored.


The fact that other people don't express their feelings as openly as you do doesn't mean their feelings are less important.


You can't expect the situation to improve if you never take real action to change it.


It's normal to be annoyed with people for being late when it genuinely upsets you.


The desire for harmony in your circle of communication is understandable, but you're not always responsible for achieving it.


The fact that your friends will stand by you even when you're wrong doesn't mean you should test this theory.


The desire for attention is normal, but not at the expense of others in your surroundings.


Take a break as soon as possible; otherwise, this month may end in serious burnout.


Not everyone likes to be corrected when they've made a simple mistake, so think before you speak.


If you want people to listen to you as you listen to them, you'll have to speak honestly.