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'If Ukraine falls': Hungarian party leader dreams of Transcarpathia

'If Ukraine falls': Hungarian party leader dreams of Transcarpathia Photo: László Toroczkai, leader of the Hungarian Party Mi Hazánk (

The leader of the Hungarian far-right party Mi Hazánk, László Toroczkai, has claimed territorial aspirations for Ukrainian Transcarpathia in the event of Ukraine losing its statehood due to war, according to Index.

During his speech at the annual party conference in Budapest, Toroczkai claimed that "pressure from international financiers" has led to the war in Ukraine, which he believes will "destroy Europe and send the continent's economy to the bottom." He specifically asserted that BlackRock bought Ukraine," referring to the investment fund with assets over $10 trillion.

The party leader emphasized his support for a peaceful resolution of the conflict through negotiations. However, if the "statehood of Ukraine ceases to exist," Mi Hazánk will make territorial claims to Transcarpathia.

Not the first claims to Transcarpathia

It's worth noting that Toroczkai has a history of controversial statements since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. In November 2022, he expressed a wish for Poland to share a border with Hungary again on its Independence Day. During the same period, he shared a provocative photo taken after Budapest annexed Transcarpathia in 1939, depicting a Pole and a Hungarian shaking hands near a border post.