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Russia to be forced to surrender if not accepting terms of peace - Italian Prime Minister

Russia to be forced to surrender if not accepting terms of peace - Italian Prime Minister Photo: Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni (

Russia will be forced to surrender if the Kremlin does not agree to the terms of peace, according to Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during the broadcast of the second plenary session of the peace summit.

"Defending Ukraine means uniting all the efforts of the international community to protect Ukraine. If Russia does not agree to Ukraine's terms, we will force it to surrender. We need to set the minimum conditions for this discussion," she said.

Meloni reiterated that the war in Ukraine constitutes aggression against a sovereign state.

"Peace does not mean surrender, as President Putin seems to suggest with his latest declaration. It does not. Confusing peace with subjugation would set a dangerous precedent for everyone. Today's conference represents a bold initiative which dismantles certain narrative of propaganda. Noone can question the absolute importance of the three crucial topics of global interest, which have been discussed today: nuclear safety, food security and the the human dimension, in particular the return of displaced children. They matter to us all, and I think – also from today’s discussion – that there is much we can build from here. Italy has always done its part, and it does not intend to walk away. However, we need to join all our possible efforts, in order to help Ukraine look towards the future," the Prime Minister concluded.

Peace Summit

In Switzerland on Sunday, June 16, the peace summit continues. It is the second day of the event, with participation from over 100 countries.

During this session, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte stated that Russia's absence from the table at the Ukrainian peace summit in Switzerland is the right decision.

In turn, earlier statements from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarified that the purpose of the peace summit in Switzerland is not to discuss peace directly but to signal global support for Ukraine's peace plan.