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If Putin wins war, EU will suffer serious damage, Borrell

If Putin wins war, EU will suffer serious damage, Borrell Josep Borrell, Head of EU Diplomacy (photo: Getty Images)

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Head of EU Diplomacy Josep Borrell believes that Putin's victory in Ukraine will cause great damage to the European Union, reports Europa press.

The head of European diplomacy believes that the question is not whether Russia will be able to defeat Ukraine on the battlefield, but what Europe is doing to prevent Russia from winning the war.

"Europe is in danger. If we let Putin win in Ukraine, if we allow the ongoing tragedy in Gaza to continue, the European project could be irreversibly damaged. Let's roll up our sleeves to avoid it," Borrell said.

EU assistance to Ukraine

The European Commission has proposed to provide Ukraine with €50 billion in financial assistance until 2027. On December 14, EU leaders discussed this initiative at a summit in Brussels, but on December 15, Hungary vetoed the decision, despite the support of the other 26 members of the bloc.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he would not approve the decision until the bloc disburses all the funds intended for his country that were frozen.