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IDF discovers largest underground rocket manufacturing facility in Gaza Strip

IDF discovers largest underground rocket manufacturing facility in Gaza Strip Photo: Israeli army found the largest underground factory for the production of rockets (Getty Images)

The Israeli army has uncovered the largest underground weapons manufacturing facility in the Gaza Strip, featuring subterranean workshops reportedly used for producing long-range rockets, according to Reuters.

Military officials claim that, in addition to rockets, the workshops were producing copies or modifications of standard ammunition. These facilities were connected through underground shafts to a network of tunnels used to transport weapons to combat units throughout the Gaza Strip.

The facility also reportedly includes several lifts for the convenient transportation of components and finished ammunition.

Israeli officials assert that Hamas intentionally places military infrastructure in residential areas to complicate attacks on them.

IDF's fight against militant tunnels

In late December of last year, the Israeli military announced a significant expansion of operations in the southern Gaza Strip, particularly targeting the underground infrastructure of Hamas. It was reported that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were actively combating the tunnels of the Palestinian terrorist group.

Later, on January 4, it was revealed that Israeli forces had discovered and destroyed an underground Hamas weapons manufacturing facility on the coastline in the central part of Gaza. According to the IDF, during the past week, military personnel conducted a raid into Hamas territory, uncovering several tunnel shafts leading to an underground network spanning hundreds of meters. Additionally, fighters found a hidden cache of weapons, including mortars, grenades, and RPGs.