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Hungary to help Ukraine with DNA examinations of those killed in war

Hungary to help Ukraine with DNA examinations of those killed in war Ivan Vyhovskyi, head of the National Police of Ukraine, at a meeting with a delegation from Hungary (
Author: Maria Kholina

Hungarian law enforcement will assist Ukrainian police in conducting DNA testing to identify individuals who perished during the war. This agreement was reached during a meeting between the head of the Ukrainian National Police (UNP), Ivan Vyhovskyi, and his Hungarian counterpart, Janos Balog, according to the UNP's website.

"The leaders of both agencies discussed further cooperation and collaboration on combating illegal arms trafficking, drug trafficking, organized crime, as well as Hungary's future assistance in conducting DNA testing to identify individuals killed as a result of Russian war crimes," the meeting's press release stated.

Additionally, Hungary's main assistance to Ukraine in terms of police cooperation is in bomb disposal. Ukrainian explosive experts have participated in 12 courses and trainings on the disposal of explosive objects, the use of robotic unmanned systems, and countering radiation, chemical, and biological threats. Furthermore, in Budapest, Ukrainian police officers underwent courses on underwater mine clearance, and necessary equipment and gear were provided for defusing enemy traps.

"Today, in addition to their usual police duties, officers are facing new tasks unprecedented for law enforcement due to the state of war. These include participation in combat operations, stabilization measures, evacuation, investigation of war crimes, and identification of unidentified bodies of citizens. All assistance and support from our partners in ensuring the activities of our units are crucial to us," noted Ivan Vyshivsky.

DNA testing in Ukraine

As reported earlier, genetic DNA material will be collected from military personnel joining the Armed Forces of Ukraine and law enforcement officers. Human DNA will be digitized and stored in the military personnel's personal files to expedite the identification process.

Moreover, for the first time, Ukraine has begun using mobile laboratories for identification of the deceased during wartime, capable of processing DNA samples within one and a half hours. Previously, such analyses could take years.

DNA testing is crucial in locating missing persons. Samples for examination are only taken from the parents or children of the missing individual.