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Hungary's insane rhetoric risks altering relations with US, ambassador

Hungary's insane rhetoric risks altering relations with US, ambassador Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

The outrageous anti-American rhetoric of the Hungarian government creates a risk that Budapest's relations with Washington will change, states the US Ambassador to Hungary, David Pressman.

According to him, the close relationship between Hungary and Russia is causing concern in Western countries. He notes that Hungary is an ally that behaves differently from others.

"This speech is about a long-time friend and ally saying and doing things that undermine trust and friendship," Pressman emphasized.

He points out that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán baselessly claims that the United States government is trying to overthrow his government, publicly calls for the political defeat of President Joe Biden in elections, and actively participates in US partisan political events.

"While the Hungarian government's wild rhetoric in state controlled-media may incite passion, or ignite an electoral base, the choice to issue, on a daily basis, dangerously unhinged anti-American messaging is a policy choice, and it risks changing Hungary's relationship with America," the diplomat added.


Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited the United States for a meeting with former President Donald Trump.

Following the negotiations, the Prime Minister of Hungary stated that Trump would not "give a penny" to finance aid to Ukraine.

Orbán also expressed confidence that the former US president could allegedly stop Russian aggression.