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Huge shark spotted near Egypt beach: Tourists' reaction

Huge shark spotted near Egypt beach: Tourists' reaction RBC-Ukraine collage
Author: Maria Kholina

Tourists spotted a massive shark at the popular Egyptian resort of Hurghada. The sea creature, measuring 12 meters in length, swam alongside people who were capturing the moment on camera.

The appearance of the whale shark is linked to the cleanliness of the water near the shore, according to

Whale sharks are the largest among shark and fish species, reaching lengths of up to 12 meters and weighing up to 30 tons. Despite their enormous size, these creatures are known to be peaceful and do not pose a threat to humans, as they are toothless. This is not the first time they have been seen on the beaches of Hurghada.

In Egypt, the whale shark is referred to as "Bahlul." It has become a unique attraction for divers who swim with it and pose for photographs.

Dr. Mahmoud Moati from the Institute of Marine Sciences in Hurghada said that the shark is friendly towards humans and is not dangerous despite its massive size. It primarily feeds on small fish and algae. However, there have been instances of tourists getting injured by the creature's tail.

The whale shark is considered one of the largest marine creatures facing the threat of extinction.

We previously reported an increase in shark activity in Egypt, with attacks on tourists near the shores of the Red Sea. Specifically, in September, a person was injured in Dahab by a shark's bite.