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How to whiten teeth: Dentist recommends two popular products

How to whiten teeth: Dentist recommends two popular products Photo: How to make teeth whiter (

White and beautiful teeth are the dream of each of us. You can make your smile whiter with the help of two products that can be found in almost any kitchen, reports Express.

How to whiten teeth

Dentist Dr Safa Al-Naher reported that there are two ingredients that can usually be found in the kitchen cabinet. They can naturally make your smile brighter.

While cosmetic dentistry and good oral hygiene are the most effective ways to achieve white teeth, there are other ways to make your teeth whiter.

Dr. Safa Al-Naher noted that baking soda has moderate abrasiveness and has long been used to remove stains from teeth. However, due to its abrasive properties, it should not be used too often.

Baking soda reduces acidity in the mouth, which can reduce the risk of tooth decay.

"Tooth decay is caused by acid from bacteria and also acid in general in the mouth," the doctor said.

By increasing the pH level in the mouth, baking soda can be considered a good addition to oral hygiene. Dr.Al-Naher confirmed that he sees nothing wrong with using baking soda to clean teeth, but it is not a replacement for fluoride.

It has been proven that fluoride toothpaste strengthens enamel, so baking soda should not replace regular tooth brushing.

Another kitchen product that Dr.Al-Naher approves for tooth brushing is coconut oil.

"There's not a lot of evidence for coconut oil, but there is some anecdotal evidence to show that it can be beneficial," he said.

According to the expert, coconut oil can be compared to some therapeutic mouthwashes in terms of plaque control.