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How to stop dog from digging holes in garden or yard: Lifehacks and tips

How to stop dog from digging holes in garden or yard: Lifehacks and tips How to stop a dog from digging holes (photo: Freepik)

Digging holes is a common activity among dogs. However, when a dog has dug up the entire garden or doesn't obey because of its favorite activity during a walk, it can be frustrating. But there is a reason for this behavior - and ways to address it, according to Lifehacker.

Why dogs dig holes

You can fill in the holes your dog has dug, but you will keep doing this endlessly if you don't address the underlying cause of the behavior. Dogs may dig up the yard for various reasons, including:

  • they are bored and need entertainment or work;
  • it's inherent to their breed;
  • they are hunting for prey, such as rodents;
  • the dog is too hot or cold;
  • the dog is seeking attention.

It can be difficult to find the root of the problem at first, but taking certain canine patterns and behaviors into account can help you narrow down the search.

Your pet might be hunting for prey if he digs mostly in one place, around tree roots, or along a path. This could mean you must deal with yard pests, such as moles or mice.

If the dog lies in the hole, he might seek protection from the heat, as the ground acts as thermal insulation.

Dogs left alone for extended periods may dig to entertain themselves or attract attention - remember, how you raise your puppy can significantly impact its behavior.

How to stop a dog from digging in the garden

Stopping digging depends on the root cause, but in general, first consider what your dog might need - like a toy to entertain him, shade, or water.

Frequent walks, minimizing unsupervised time, and engaging the dog with tricks or commands can also help. However, under no circumstances should you punish or scold your pet.

And if you suspect you have pests, be sure to avoid toxic products that the dog could accidentally ingest.

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How to stop a dog from digging holes (photo: Freepik)

A popular method suggests that filling the holes with the dog's excrement, creating a toilet area, can deter it from digging in the same spot again. It's worth trying - most dogs won't hunt their feces, but some might.

If the hole is deep, start by adding some soil, then add the dog's waste a few centimeters below the surface, and cover it with more soil.

Finally, if digging continues, you can train the dog to dig in a designated area - such as a hole filled with soil or sand and dog toys.

Bring the dog to this area and reward it when it uses its hole instead of digging in other parts of your yard.

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