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How to properly care for your hair: Useful tips

How to properly care for your hair: Useful tips How to properly care for your hair (photo: Freepik)

Hair is not just a part of our outward appearance but also a reflection of our overall health and care. The Telegram channel Pocket Stylist discusses proper care.

Mistakes in hair care and how to avoid them

Proper hair care can indeed significantly improve their condition, appearance, and texture.

However, despite this, we often make mistakes in hair care that can lead to problems and damage.

Proper hair washing

Many people believe that daily hair washing is the key to its cleanliness and health. However, frequent washing can strip the natural oils from the hair, leading to dryness and breakage.

Despite some washing their hair too often, there's another perspective that hair can be "trained."This refers to irregular head washing, where we artificially try to "train" our scalp to produce less sebum and get less dirty.

It can be said that this mistake can lead to skin irritation, allergic reactions, and excessive scalp dirt buildup, which ultimately yields a negative outcome for your health.

Як доглядати за волоссям, щоб не травмувати його

How to properly care for your hair (photo: Freepik)

Dermatologists recommend washing hair according to one's scalp type and the need to cleanse the root zone, while avoiding experiments and treating one's health responsibly with respect.

Incorrect use of styling tools

Using hair dryers and other thermal tools without heat protection can lead to overdrying and damaging the hair structure.

Before using any thermal stylers, it is recommended to apply a protective spray or cream to the hair.

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