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How to look young: 3 tips from style expert

How to look young: 3 tips from style expert What women over 50 should know (photo:

With age, some women begin to think about how to slow down aging and look younger. While it may be impossible to halt certain processes, maintaining a youthful appearance is quite achievable. Stylist Melissa Lund has provided three tips that will undoubtedly help you.

How to look young is explained by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Daily Express.

Pay attention to your hair

According to the stylist, women after 50 should take care of the color of their hair. You can embrace your gray, remain a brunette, or become a blonde. However, certain tricks will make you incredibly attractive.

"If you color your hair to hide the gray, and you're a brunette, darkening or balayage will look more impressive than single-tone coloring. Gray hair can look very chic, but if you've decided not to color it, then you need clear haircut contours, great makeup, and a stylish wardrobe; otherwise, you'll instantly add 10 years to your look," noted the stylist.

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How not to look old (photo:

Do your makeup

Learn how to enhance your beauty and conceal imperfections. Many people underestimate the power of makeup, but for women who want to conceal their age, it can be a magic wand. Just get acquainted with the proper techniques of age-appropriate makeup.

"Stay informed about modern products and application techniques. Attend a makeup masterclass. Typically, less is more as we age because most of us develop fine lines that can be accentuated when makeup is applied to them!" explained the stylist.

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Makeup will help you hide your age (photo:

Don't forget to keep yourself in shape and take care of your posture. The expert advises women to take care of their figure. Of course, you don't need to urgently lose or gain weight. Just keep yourself in shape. This also applies to posture. Forget about rounded shoulders.

"Nothing screams old age like rounded shoulders and a hunched back. It makes you look defeated by life even before you've started speaking. Pilates, yoga, and barre workouts (or adult ballet) are excellent for improving posture," advises the stylist.

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