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Worst ideas for New Year's nail designs

Worst ideas for New Year's nail designs Anti-trends in New Year's nail art (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

With the arrival of winter, many girls and women seek to add a festive touch to their appearance with vibrant New Year's nail art. However, not all designs remain popular. Fashion experts believe that some nail trends have long become anti-trends and look outdated.

Some nail designs that are not recommended for the New Year, according to

Patterns and drawings

Many fashion-conscious individuals love to adorn their nails with snowflakes, white lace patterns, and rhinestones. However, currently, such designs not only appear inexpensive but also seem inappropriate.

Так ніхто вже не робить. Найгірші ідеї для манікюру на Новий рік (фото)

Unsuccessful New Year's manicure (photo:

Avoid excessive amounts of intricate designs and overly vibrant patterns for your New Year's nail art. Opt for a minimalist approach. Even if you desire to embellish your manicure with snowflakes, consider having just one design on one of the nails, rather than a complex pattern on all ten.

Combining the incompatible

Experts also advise against incorporating too many bright elements. If you have already chosen a glossy finish, intricate patterns are unlikely to complement the overall look of the nails effectively.

Так ніхто вже не робить. Найгірші ідеї для манікюру на Новий рік (фото)

An example of an unsuccessful manicure that looks senseless (screenshot)

Combining white color with glossy copper polish is considered particularly unsuccessful. If you are eager to incorporate snow-themed designs, try complementing them with manicures in shades of blue, soft pink, or beige.