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How to live 20 years longer: Nutritionist's advice

How to live 20 years longer: Nutritionist's advice Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Everyone is trying to find the secret of longevity, to know what to drink and eat to live longer. And changing your lifestyle plays a crucial part in achieving that, according to nutritionist Anastasiia Kaliha.

According to her, there is a formula to follow to improve your life quality.


The diet should consist mainly of minimally processed vegetables (a large portion of starchy ones), fruits, berries, greens, complex carbohydrates, occasionally meat, and fish.

A diet high in sugar, fast food, saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, and other highly processed products promotes inflammation and accelerates the aging process.

Physical activity

Exercise should be regular. Great attention should be paid to flexibility and balance.

The nutritionist said that tennis is the leader among sports nowadays, so you may look into that.

Do what you can: walk, squat, do push-ups, dumbbell exercises, box, run, jump, plank, dance to music. Movement protects muscles from aging.

Being outdoors means you are more likely to move than sit in front of a screen. Whenever possible, try to choose nature over city streets.

Communication and socialization

Feeling needed is no less important than what you eat.

That is why in today's world, people who retire and live far from family age at an accelerated pace.


It is necessary to have an understanding of why you wake up in the morning at all.

"I know many young people who have not yet figured out their lives. So the question is, what will you be doing until you're 100?" says Anastasiia Kaliha.

The health of our body and mind are interconnected, and stress is considered a factor that increases the risk of many diseases and even shortens lifespan, so don't forget to take care of that as well.