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How to get rid of bad habits and change your life

How to get rid of bad habits and change your life Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Each habit in life serves a purpose. Habits usually emerge where something is lacking. However, their consequences can be detrimental, according to psychologist Nadiia Martyniuk.

If some habits are undermining health, putting your life at risk, worsening your mood, or harming other important areas of your life, it's better to get rid of them.

The expert shared ways to make this process much easier.

Reflect on when this habit arose

If a person buys a lot of fancy clothes and cosmetics but wears the same suit every day and rushes to work without makeup, it's worth seriously considering what one truly desires to acquire: clothing or hope for a better future.

It is important to understand what this habit compensates for. For example, binge-watching TV series until late at night can provide the opportunity to be alone, new experiences, the illusion of communication, and a sense of security.


It's worth thinking about how to satisfy the need more constructively. Instead of burying problems, seeking comfort, one can find this feeling alongside loved ones.

Allow yourself to be sincere, open, and thereby strengthen your relationships.

Train yourself

A mere alternative is not enough. It is crucial to activate discipline and change your behavior.

"Caught in the act of unwrapping the fifth candy, ask yourself sincerely: 'Am I doing this because I want support and understanding, because I lack love and care?'" says the psychologist.

It is essential to gently stop oneself each time without criticism. However, it will take a lot of discipline.

According to the expert, new beneficial habits form over time. Initially, there may be strong temptations and mistakes. Keep going, move forward confidently - each step is crucial.

"Don't forget that change is a process, not a one-time action. Be patient and determined, and everything will work out," added the specialist.