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How to defrost meat and fish to preserve flavor

How to defrost meat and fish to preserve flavor How to defrost meat and fish (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

Improperly defrosted meat and fish can ruin their flavor and texture, which directly affects the quality and appearance of the dish. However, a famous Ukrainian chef Ievhen Klopotenko shares one technique that allows you to preserve all the characteristics of the product.

How to properly defrost meat and fish

"Have you ever wondered how to prepare frozen products without losing flavor and texture? I've gathered invaluable tips and tricks that will change your perception of cooking," says the chef.

He explains that there is a lot of moisture in the molecules of fish and meat. If you freeze them suddenly and then defrost them quickly, they will simply crack.

"Therefore, we need to slowly freeze and slowly defrost the product. And then you will get the maximum benefit from such a product," says Klopotenko.

He also adds that if you immediately put frozen fish into hot water, its molecules will break apart, and it will have a torn structure. After cooking, such a product won't be very tasty.

"First, you need to take the fish out of the freezer and place it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. After that, leave the fish at room temperature for an equal amount of time. This way, it will defrost properly," says Ievgen.

The chef adds that the freezer is about 18 degrees below freezing, the refrigerator is around 4 degrees above freezing, and the kitchen is about 20 degrees Celsius. Under these conditions, the temperature difference is relatively gradual, so the fish defrosts better.

What to do if you need to quickly defrost a product

If you're short on time, Klopotenko advises placing the fish or meat in a plastic bag and submerging it in a container of cold water. He calls this method the most effective for home use.

"But if you come home and you're very hungry, and you have a piece of frozen chicken, you can start cooking it. For this, you need either very hot water or a very, very hot pan. You can quickly sear the meat, then put it in the oven for 15-20 minutes," says the chef.

Klopotenko also advises against defrosting products in the microwave because it damages the meat's structure.

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