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How to clear cache in Telegram: Step-by-step instructions

How to clear cache in Telegram: Step-by-step instructions How to clear storage in Telegram (photo: Getty Images)

How to clear the cache in Telegram on Android and iPhone to make this app work faster on your smartphone? In fact, there is nothing complicated.

What needs to be done to delete the cache, and what exactly will you lose (or not lose) by performing this procedure.

Sources used in the preparation of the material: iLounge, Fresh IT.

What will happen if you clear all cache in Telegram

While working, Telegram stores a variety of information in the cache that the user views or shares with others. This includes photos, videos, files, GIFs, and more. This way, these items don't need to be downloaded again every time you open a chat.

If you are subscribed to a large number of channels and regularly use Telegram, over time it can consume more and more of your device's memory.

Clearing the entire app cache:

  • will delete files only from the device (as most information from the app is stored in cloud storage)
  • will keep all channels, chats, and Saved Messages accessible
  • will free up memory on your smartphone (or other device)

If needed, deleted files can be re-downloaded to your phone (tablet or PC). To do this, open the respective chat and view its content (media files will be downloaded automatically).

Where is the cache located in Telegram

To find the cache in Telegram on your smartphone, you need to:

  • open the Telegram app
  • access the side panel by tapping on the sandwich icon in the upper left corner (three horizontal lines)
  • go to the Settings menu, marked with a gear icon
  • choose Data and Storage or Data and Memory
  • navigate to Storage Usage.

After that, various saved media files and their sizes will be displayed on the screen.

If your device is running low on memory, you may press Clear Cache.

What gets deleted when clearing the cache in Telegram

During the cache clearing process in Telegram, media files that were "pulled" from various channels and chats while being viewed by the user are removed:

  • photos
  • videos
  • files
  • links, etc.

However, all these media files remain accessible in the app's cloud storage and can be re-downloaded if needed.

Is it possible to clear the cache in Telegram

Clearing the cache in Telegram is both possible and advisable, as it not only clutters the smartphone's memory but also can slow down its performance.

For greater convenience in working with the application, you can also configure:

  • auto-delete media from cache (from personal or group chats, channels, stories) – this way, photos, videos, or other files from cloud chats that you haven't accessed within a chosen period will be automatically deleted from your device
  • limit cache size – this will cause the oldest media files to be deleted from the cache when the set memory limit is exceeded (e.g., 5 GB, 16 GB, etc.).