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How to chop onions without tears: Easy lifehack

How to chop onions without tears: Easy lifehack Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Regardless of whether you prefer red or white onions, each of them carries such an intense, pungent smell that it makes people cry when cutting them.

PrzyślijPrzepis reveals how to chop onions without tears.

Why onions make us cry

Enzymes and sulfur contained in onion juice cause volatile compounds to enter the air and make us cry when cutting this vegetable, regardless of its variety.

How to chop onions without tears

When peeling and slicing onions, one of the most important accessories is a very sharp knife. A dull, slightly rusty tool is the worst thing that can happen when cutting. Strong pressure on the vegetable instead of smooth cutting forces the onion to release juice containing sulfur. This irritates the eyes and causes tearing, and sometimes nasal irritation. This leads to sneezing and clearing of the nasal passages.

The most effective way to avoid crying when cutting onions is to put the vegetable in the freezer for about 10 minutes before slicing.

This will cause its structure to change and the volatile compounds to stop irritating the eyes. In addition, after temporary freezing, you will be able to chop the onion faster and more efficiently, and its pieces will not crack and separate.

Refrigeration may also help, but not as well as a short time in the freezer, which will significantly facilitate the work.

How to fry onions correctly

Onions should be diced into small cubes of the same size. Do not throw the onion into a hot pan with a small amount of oil, as it will burn in an instant. It is best to place onion pieces on a medium-heated pan with enough fat to lightly cover the onion.

If you like the oily taste of onions but the butter burns quickly in the pan, there is a solution for you: just add a little sunflower oil to the butter, that way it won't burn and will give the needed taste to the onions.