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How to choose right shade of mascara for your eye color

How to choose right shade of mascara for your eye color How to choose mascara for your eye color (photo: Freepik)

Every girl dreams of having long and fluffy eyelashes. It’s important to know how to choose the perfect mascara for your eye color to enhance and emphasize them even more, according to Best Life Online.

Black mascara is a staple cosmetic product that most people probably never consider an alternative to. However, if you want your eyes to stand out, using a different mascara color can help achieve that.

Blue eyes - brown mascara

For blue eyes, black mascara is not always the best choice. Makeup expert Laura Pucker explained that brown mascara "plays up the blue tones."

Cosmetologist Audrey Boyce noted that brown mascara makes the eyes appear brighter, slightly thickens, and lifts the lashes without contrasting with the eye color.

Brown eyes - blue mascara

Dark blue or blue shades of mascara are perfect for brown eyes.

Always choose contrasting colors to make your eyes stand out. Blue mascara will give you an edge, especially if you don't usually wear much makeup.

Green eyes - black mascara

Finding good mascara colors for green eyes can be challenging since they are one of the rarest colors. Therefore, experts recommend sticking with black mascara.

Pure black mascara highlights the bright color of the eyes.

Thanks to its sophisticated versatility, black complements almost all eyeshadow shades.

Gray eyes - purple mascara

Shades of purple can be especially flattering for gray eyes. Lavender, in particular, will create a beneficial contrast. The cool tones of gray eyes complement the rich warm tones of purple, creating harmony.

Types of mascara


This type is an excellent solution for short and thick eyelashes. It can be applied in multiple layers and is ideal for daytime makeup. Thanks to its thinner and more flexible structure, it creates a lengthening effect.


Designed for thin, sparse, and long eyelashes that need added volume and thickness. The thicker it is, the more volume it can provide. Volumizing mascara only needs to be applied in 1-2 layers.


This type allows you to lift medium-length lashes that lack a pronounced curl. It can create a curling effect even for the straightest and flattest eyelashes.