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How many Ukrainian refugees experience hostile treatment in Czechia, survey

How many Ukrainian refugees experience hostile treatment in Czechia, survey Photo: Refugees in Czechia (

More than half of Ukrainian refugees in Czechia have experienced hostile treatment based on ethnicity. These are the results of a survey conducted by the PAQ Research Agency.

Young refugees were the most frequently subjected to verbal attacks, while physical attacks often happened to children, according to

The Czech agency PAQ Research interviewed Ukrainian refugees about their experience of ethnic aggression. The study covered 3789 people - 1425 refugee families with 1203 children under 17 years of age. The refugees were interviewed in June 2023.

More than half of the interviewees (57%) had experienced verbal attacks and insults on ethnic grounds. Physical attacks because of their Ukrainian origin were reported by 5% of respondents.

Refugees under the age of 40 most often face verbal aggression. At the same time, the elderly were less likely to have experienced verbal attacks because they were from Ukraine - only 30% of respondents.

It is noted that Ukrainians who worked in the service sphere most often faced hostile treatment because of their origin.

In addition, the authors were alarmed by the results that single parents with two or more children faced aggression more often (14%) than two-parent families (6%).

"Here we are often talking about physical attacks between children. However, in full families with both parents and several children, only 6% of respondents reported such experiences," the report states.

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