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How many clothing items to pack for week-long trip

How many clothing items to pack for week-long trip Illustrative photo (

Whether it's a trip to the countryside for a few days or a week-long vacation to another city, packing clothes can be a nerve-wracking task - and after you return, you can find out that some things were completely unnecessary. Knowing how many clothes you actually need for a trip will minimize the chaos, according to the Martha Stewart website.

How to decide what clothes to take on a trip

Let your trip guide your packing decisions. After all, packing your suitcase properly starts before you even put any clothes in it. Start by answering what type of trip you are taking.

Accurately defining the purpose of your trip - whether it's a vacation in a historical place with sightseeing, a trip to visit friends in another city, or a camping trip - will help you decide what things to take with you and how many you need.

Consider what the weather will be like and what your luggage options are - whether you're taking a suitcase or want to travel with a light backpack.

Determine whether you have the opportunity and space for laundry during your trip. This also affects the number of items you need to take with you.

How many items to take

The number of clothes you'll need to pack depends on the length of your trip and the climate, but for a week-long trip, the following recommendations will give you an idea of what you'll need.


Three pairs of pants will be enough for a week-long vacation. Choosing three different colors and textures of pants guarantees that every outfit you put together will be fresh throughout the week.

When choosing pants for your trip, also consider the differences in day and night temperatures - you may need shorts during the day, but if it gets cold in the evening, you'll need longer pants.

Tops, dresses and sweaters

For a seven-day trip, take about four different types of tops. Choose also things that you can wear in several layers or change easily. And if you're traveling to a warmer climate, add a dress.

Similarly, if you're going somewhere cooler, you should bring a jacket that will protect you from the weather, as well as tops with different sleeve lengths and thicknesses - sweaters, button-down blouses, etc.


Underwear is a piece of clothing that is not recommended to take in small quantities. For seven days, you should pack eight pairs of underwear, seven pairs of socks, and two bras.

Of course, if you are traveling somewhere where you plan to wear mostly sandals, you may need fewer socks.

Sleeping clothes

Whether you sleep in T-shirts and sweatpants or a full pajama set, about two pairs of pajamas will be enough for a week-long vacation.

If you like to change into fresh pajamas every night, you may want to bring an extra set of clothes if your luggage space allows.


For a week-long trip, take 2-3 pairs of shoes, each of which for its own function.

For example, sneakers for active travel and walks, sandals to wear on the beach or with casual clothes, and one nice pair of sandals or heels for a sophisticated outfit, if necessary.

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