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How alcohol affects your skin: Cosmetologist's explanation

How alcohol affects your skin: Cosmetologist's explanation How alcohol affects the condition of the skin (photo: Freepik)

In today's world, it's hard to imagine a holiday or party without a glass of our favorite drink. But how does alcohol really affect our skin and beauty? A cosmetologist knows.

More about this is explained by Ukrainian doctor-cosmetologist Anna Tarasenko.

How alcohol affects the skin

According to Anna, alcoholic beverages indeed decrease the levels of vitamins and antioxidants in our skin. That's why our face may appear tired. The skin becomes less radiant and ages more quickly.

Dehydration and loss of moisture occur. Alcohol is a strong diuretic (which is why you wake up 1 kg lighter the morning after a party, but only temporarily). If you indulge frequently in wine (or stronger drinks), the skin becomes less elastic and hydrated, leading to puffiness.

According to a cosmetologist, alcohol can also cause the dilation of blood vessels and the appearance of rosacea. Alcohol induces further spreading of the vascular network, which can progress into an inflammatory skin condition. Therefore, if you have rosy cheeks, let's control the number of glasses.

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How alcohol affects the condition of the skin (photo: Freepik)

"Increased risk of inflammation and acne. Alcohol can act as a trigger for inflammation and worsen the skin condition," warns the doctor.

Slowed regeneration processes are also a consequence of alcohol. Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages affects the healing of both simple scratches and other injuries.

"In summary, I want to say that I'm not demonizing alcohol, but its excessive consumption can lead to deterioration of your skin. Let's maintain a balance between a glass of prosecco and good self-care, our health, and the condition of our skin," says Anna.

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