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Horror marathon: 7 unconventional TV series for Halloween 2023

Horror marathon: 7 unconventional TV series for Halloween 2023 7 unconventional TV series for Halloween (photo: screenshot from 'The Last of Us')

The Halloween season is a perfect time to cozy up with a warm blanket, enjoy a delicious cup of tea, and watch classic horror films or TV series with a spooky atmosphere that reminds you of the approaching Halloween.

A special selection of dark and suspenseful series from HBO for Halloween. Murders, mysterious disappearances, the supernatural, and much more – check out the collection and start watching now.

Love & Death

Candy Montgomery lives in Texas and enjoys a peaceful life with her happy family. However, the harmony in Candy's life is disrupted by the husband of one of her friends, Allan Gore, with whom she begins a romantic relationship. Over time, their relationship becomes marred by jealousy, setting the stage for tragic events.

This film has garnered attention for Elizabeth Olsen's performance as the lead character. The miniseries is sure to appeal to fans of tense thrillers with an incredible atmosphere.

Perry Mason

The events of the series begin in the 1930s in the heart of California - Los Angeles. Perry Mason is a private detective who becomes involved in a case involving the murder of a one-and-a-half-year-old boy. On his journey to uncover the truth, the hero must not only deal with the mysteries of this challenging investigation but also confront the psychological aftermath of the war in which he had to participate.

This series is a great example of a compelling detective story where the character development captivates the viewer's attention and holds it until the very end.

Pretty Little Liars

Five friends suddenly notice something unusual. They can't shake the feeling that they are being hunted. Later, their fears become a reality, triggering a series of events. A mysterious stranger begins to blackmail the girls over the actions of their parents.

Despite being the fourth adaptation of the "Pretty Little Liars" franchise, the series has the potential to surprise both new viewers and fans of the previous installments.

The Staircase

The documentary series of 2004 finds its reflection in a new HBO film. The story revolves around Michael Peterson, a true-crime novelist who receives tragic news about his wife's murder. However, this event is not the only unpleasant news. Michael himself becomes the prime suspect during the investigation.

The creators managed to bring a fresh perspective to this story, impressing both critics and a wide audience. Colin Firth's outstanding performance in the lead role is worth noting as he brilliantly embodied the character.

Lovecraft Country

The life of the young Atticus Black is filled with difficulties. After returning from the Korean War, he hopes for a peaceful life but instead finds a dilapidated house and his missing father. He quickly uncovers clues and embarks on a search with his friend and uncle.

This story combines elements of mystery, the supernatural, and horror while addressing important social issues. The main character repeatedly encounters manifestations of racism along his journey.

The Last of Us

A successful film adaptation of a video game is more of an exception than a rule, and "The Last of Us" is one such exceptional case based on the video game of the same name. The story centers around two characters: smuggler Joel and a young girl, Ellie, who must survive in a world devastated by a deadly pandemic that is rapidly wiping out humanity. However, Ellie is an extraordinary girl who could be the key to saving civilization.

With excellent acting, viewers have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a dystopian world and observe the development of the relationship between two very different characters.

Mare of Easttown

A suburban Philadelphia police detective investigates murders and missing persons cases. However, the existence of unsolved crimes causes the community to question the detective's professional abilities. Detective Mare's personal life is also filled with troubles, including a divorce and the loss of her son. Will she be able to overcome all of life's challenges and find recognition?

The series owes much of its success to the incredible performance by Kate Winslet, who portrayed Mare Sheehan. Additionally, the cinematography, framing, and other technical elements complement her performance perfectly, creating an intriguing detective story with a somber atmosphere.