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Horoscope with Tarot Cards for week: Who will receive gifts of destiny, and who will face setbacks

Horoscope with Tarot Cards for week: Who will receive gifts of destiny, and who will face setbacks What Tarot cards promise (photo:

The new week (from January 29 to February 4) promises to be interesting and eventful. Some zodiac signs will be fortunate, receiving gifts from fate, while others will have to reap the consequences of their mistakes, reports Hindustan Times.


The new week will bring you great success. You will be able to enjoy financial prosperity and new victories at work. However, there is a possibility that success may cloud your judgment.

In that case, avoiding problems with family and friends may not be possible. Try not to let everything come to a boiling point, find an approach to each person. Also, don't forget to delight with attention someone you love very much.


The next week is preparing surprises for you. Your professional endeavors will finally gain prospects for growth. Make plans, travel, and embrace adventures.

Relationships with family and loved ones will bring you joy. Enjoy the gifts of destiny and don't dwell on the negative. Try not to waste time on trivial matters.


You should be more cautious; there is a risk of health issues. However, you can overcome everything, don't give up prematurely. Turn away from negativity and spend as much time as possible in pleasant company.

Don't forget about work; there, you may receive support and even praise. Of course, this will help you move forward and not give up. Believe that the dark streak will end soon.


You will have an interesting opportunity. You will easily solve your problems and overcome obstacles that hinder your success. Everything will change now; you will start reaching for the stars.

Gradually expand your list of goals, and don't be afraid to simultaneously dedicate time to several aspects of your development. You will be able to balance skillfully. However, don't forget about relaxation.


The new week will present you with challenging situations. There is a possibility of problems at work and with finances. However, if you plan each step carefully, the right strategy will save you.

Despite some difficulties, it is worth looking ahead confidently. Focus on the positive moments without losing your inner harmony.


You shouldn't play with fire. Don't tempt fate, as it may strike back. Therefore, be extremely cautious, and important decisions should be postponed until better times.

Step away from business and, for a while, engage in activities that bring you joy. Go out, socialize with friends, and spend time with family. This way, you can distract yourself and even receive valuable advice.


The new week will teach you to appreciate what you have. Try not to lose what you value. Pay attention to the details.

Remember past mistakes; valuable experience will help you make the right decisions. Believe in yourself and seek the support of friends. They will certainly not let you down.


The new week will give you a rare opportunity. You can start a new venture, and the beginning will be confident and highly energetic. Dare to conquer new heights; you will succeed.

Your relationship with a loved one will pleasantly surprise you. You will enjoy harmony and understanding. If you haven't met your significant other yet, it's the perfect time to go on a date with someone you find appealing.


Try not to spend money on trivial things. Instead, consider something more significant. Perhaps it's time to change your life, and this week could be a great period for transformations.

Give up harmful habits and think about what you want to pursue. Maybe it's worth changing your job and trying yourself in a new field. The important thing is to decide what you want to get from this life.


Not all your plans were destined to come true. Likely, an unexpected event will turn things upside down. However, this is unlikely to upset you, as you will be able to enjoy interesting adventures.

Try not to dwell on what you haven't accomplished. Instead, remember your successes and praise yourself more often. This will help you overcome any fear that may arise due to rapid changes.


This week will bring you joy. You may receive good news or meet someone dear to you. Your relatives will also pleasantly surprise you, so be on the lookout for a call.

However, be cautious with those who have lied to you. Someone may try to spoil your fairy tale. Fortunately, their efforts will not be successful.


It's time to start planning for the future. Don't live for the moment and try to build a strategy. Impulsiveness is not always effective in resolving certain situations.

Overall, there's no need to worry. If you can calm your emotions and objectively assess the situation, you'll realize that not everything is as gloomy as it seems to you.

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