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Heart attack risk: Beware of this drink consumption

Heart attack risk: Beware of this drink consumption Alcohol is harmful for your heart (

There is no safe dose of alcohol for health, and scientific evidence has shown that the impact of alcohol on the heart is directly related to the amount consumed, according to cardiologist Nataliia Ivaniuk.

How alcohol harms the heart

Arterial expansion and constriction

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to cardiovascular diseases and serious consequences. It causes the expansion and constriction of arteries, resulting in increased blood pressure, eventually leading to hypertension, which increases the risk of heart disease.

Alcoholic cardiomyopathy

This pathology involves an enlargement of the heart chambers, deteriorating the "pumping function," ultimately leading to heart failure.


It's essential to know that alcohol can cause disruptions in heart rhythm, which may lead to the formation of clots or stroke.

Heart attack

With moderate alcohol consumption, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks is very low. However, if alcohol intake becomes regular or excessive, this risk rapidly increases, especially in individuals with existing heart problems.

Alternatives to alcohol during stress

Many people use alcohol when experiencing stress. However, to avoid developing dependencies and various illnesses, alcohol can be replaced with a simple solitary or social walk.

A long walk induces a semi-trance state, helping to alleviate stress. Furthermore, for those with more energy and capabilities, jogging can be beneficial. Even at a moderate pace, such exercise allows the body to produce endocannabinoids, reducing anxiety levels. This strengthens the body and avoids the harmful effects of alcohol.

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