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Hard to believe: 5 world stars who battled stage fright

Hard to believe: 5 world stars who battled stage fright Photo: Adele and Rihanna (collage by RBC-Ukraine)

Fear of public speaking is a fairly common phenomenon that people experience. As it turns out, some of the world's stars are among them, and some are not afraid to speak openly about their anxieties.

Which foreign celebrities have faced stage fright and how they commented on the issue is detailed below.


The British singer is one of those stars who is not afraid to talk openly about her problem. She has repeatedly emphasized that she has stage fright, but she fights it to not let her fans down.

The artist admitted that when she goes on stage, she feels uncomfortable and doesn't feel the ground under her feet. But after performing two or three songs, her anxieties disappear without a trace.

"I saw the crowd and I just melted. I get fidgety, I moan, I complain, I try to escape, I try to get out. After the second or third song, I was chill, I was alright," Adele recollects one of the cases.

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Adele (photo:

Nevertheless, stage fright did not prevent the star from becoming the winner of 16 Grammy awards. In 2011-12 and 2016, Billboard named her Top Artist. Also, Time magazine named the star one of the most influential people in the world.

Her album 21 made it to Rolling Stone's list of 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.


The Barbadian singer and actress is also on this list, and such a scenario is hard for fans to imagine. However, the singer does not hide that she feels discomfort when appearing in public, and in the past, she has clearly stated this.

According to the celebrity, she just needs to find her way to adapt to the conditions she finds herself in. As can be seen, Rihanna does this brilliantly, as the singer puts on truly spectacular shows on stage.

The 36-year-old star had a difficult childhood, which took place in Saint Michael, Barbados. She moved to the US at the age of 16, where she started her music career.

У це складно повірити. 5 світових зірок, які зіштовхнулися зі страхом сцени

Rihanna (Photo:

Over the years of her successful career, Rihanna has become an extraordinary ambassador of Barbados in the US, and she has already sold over 28 million copies of her studio albums and about 100 million copies of singles.

These numbers make her one of the most successful artists of all time. She is the youngest singer in the history of the Billboard chart to have 10 songs reach number one.

She has more than 100 awards, including Grammy, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Icon Awards, and many others.

In 2021, the celebrity's fortune was estimated at $1.7 billion.

Ozzy Osbourne

It's hard to imagine that this musician would be on such a list, but it's true. The British-born vocalist admitted in his autobiography "I Am Ozzy" that he experienced not the best feelings before going on stage.

Despite his anxieties, the singer managed to release more than one platinum album, give hundreds of concerts, and tour countries with his shows.

У це складно повірити. 5 світових зірок, які зіштовхнулися зі страхом сцени

Ozzy Osbourne (Photo:

Barbra Streisand

The Broadway pop star is one of those who struggle the most with their fear. Back in 1966, the artist suddenly forgot the lyrics of a song, which led to a panic attack she couldn't overcome.

For about 27 years, Barbra didn't go on stage, but when she finally returned in 1994, she never appeared in public without a teleprompter again. As noted, it displays not only the lyrics of the songs but also other important moments needed during the performance.

This includes prompts, jokes, or stories the celebrity shares with the audience.

У це складно повірити. 5 світових зірок, які зіштовхнулися зі страхом сцени

Barbra Streisand (Photo:

Katy Perry

The American singer started performing at a very young age, but she still faced anxiety and fear of the stage. She admitted that she felt uncomfortable when looking at the crowd.

In the past, there were falls and unsuccessful choreography, and against this background, the artist stated that she needed to take medication to help overcome the anxiety.

But it seems that this is all in the past now, as the star no longer mentions her former fears.

У це складно повірити. 5 світових зірок, які зіштовхнулися зі страхом сцени

Katy Perry (Photo: (

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