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Half of weapons not delivered to Ukraine on time - Ministry of Defense

Half of weapons not delivered to Ukraine on time - Ministry of Defense Photo: Defense Minister of Ukraine Rustem Umerov (Dmytro Semeniuk, RBC-Ukraine)

Half of the weapon supplies are not arriving in Ukraine on time. This complicates operations on the front line, according to Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov during the "Ukraine. Year 2024" forum.

"As the situation is always dynamic, always changing, then 50% is not delivered on time. If we look at the opponent, their economy is about 2 trillion, and they allocate up to 15% for the war, which is over 150 billion dollars," he said.

The minister emphasized that in case of delays, Ukraine loses both people and territory.

"This is a war where allies should ensure timely supply, because there has never been a war in history fought without air superiority," Umerov added.

He stressed that Ukraine is doing everything possible, but the work is complicated without timely weapon supplies.

Delays in ammunition deliveries

It is worth recalling that in early May 2023, the EU Council approved a decision to provide Ukraine with one billion euros for joint procurement of ammunition and missiles.

It was planned that European countries would provide Ukraine with a million rounds of ammunition by March 2024. Currently, it is known that EU countries have not been able to fully meet the plan. According to Bloomberg, by March, the EU will be able to provide Ukraine with 600,000 rounds of ammunition.

At the same time, the EU believes that starting next year, they will be able to produce up to 2 million artillery rounds annually for Ukraine.