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Greece uses military ships to deter Russian oil tankers - Bloomberg

Greece uses military ships to deter Russian oil tankers - Bloomberg Archive photo: Greece fights Russian oil tankers (Getty Images)

The Greek military fleet has extended its series of exercises to counter the transfer of oil between Russian tankers, reports Bloomberg.

The Greek Navy has announced that it will conduct exercises until May 19 in the Gulf of Laconia. This area is where the transfer of Russian oil takes place. The source indicates that the exercises are intended to deter oil transfers.

"When Greece first announced the drills last week, tankers quickly evacuated the area, gathering to the south instead," Bloomberg reports.

It is noted that oil transfers occur outside Greece's direct territorial waters, so Athens couldn't combat this process. However, it's unclear what changed since Greece decided to take a more assertive stance. Denmark previously conducted a similar action in the Baltic Sea region.

Sanctions on Russian oil

The US, EU, and Australia have imposed a cap on prices for Russian oil and petroleum products to reduce Kremlin revenues in response to the war against Ukraine. Meanwhile, Russia is attempting to circumvent the sanctions using various methods.

In February, it was reported that Greek companies had stopped trading in raw Russian oil following intensified US sanctions targeting shipping companies.