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Google updates satellite images of Posad-Pokrovske, Kherson region: What it looks like after battles

Google updates satellite images of Posad-Pokrovske, Kherson region: What it looks like after battles Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Google has updated satellite images of Posad-Pokrovske in the Kherson region. You can now see how the village looks after the Russian invasion, according to Google Maps.

In particular, Google Maps has updated the maps in the area of the village of Posad-Pokrovske in the Chornobaivka community. The images are dated June 2022, so they show the fortified positions of Ukrainian forces on the outskirts of the village from April to November 2022, the aftermath of Russian attacks on residential buildings and infrastructure in the village, as well as a significant number of craters from enemy projectiles scattered across the fields around the settlement.

The images also show the current state of the school, the village community center, and surrounding buildings that have been affected by Russian shelling.

Most of the buildings in the village, as seen in the images, are either undamaged or partially damaged. However, there are also those that were severely damaged or completely destroyed during the early months of the full-scale invasion.

It's important to note that Posad-Pokrovske is currently included in a comprehensive reconstruction project for private and communal buildings. Nevertheless, the consequences and memories of the war will linger on the streets of the village forever.

Situation in the Kherson region

After the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the right bank of the Kherson region, Russians continue to daily shell the region, including Kherson itself. They use heavy weaponry, aviation, and drones for their attacks.

As reported earlier by the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, during the past day on September 30th, terrorists conducted 102 bombardments on the territory of the Kherson region. In total, the enemy fired around 560 shells from mortars, artillery, Grad multiple launch rocket systems, tanks, aircraft, and UAVs.

The Russians targeted:

Residential quarters of populated areas in the region

  • A school building, a stadium, the territory of a factory, a garage cooperative in Kherson
  • A shop, the territory of an educational institution, an object of critical infrastructure in the Kherson district, and five objects in the social sphere in the Beryslav district.

It's also known that one person was injured.