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Germany to limit acceptance of Ukrainian refugees: Details revealed

Germany to limit acceptance of Ukrainian refugees: Details revealed Ukrainians in Germany (
Author: Maria Kholina

In certain areas of Germany, there's a growing reluctance to accommodate refugees from Ukraine due to the overwhelming influx of migrants. Officials there are asserting that the integration of all newcomers is increasingly unfeasible, according to the President of the German Association of Districts (DLT), Reinhard Zager.

Several districts and municipalities in Germany are overwhelmed by both regular and irregular migration. Local problems are exacerbating, prompting the local authorities to refuse further asylum to those fleeing the war in Ukraine, said Reinhard Zager.

"While we stand in solidarity with Ukraine, we question whether it's necessary for so many people from a country under attack by Russia to come to us," he said.

Germany currently shelters over 1.2 million Ukrainians. In the state of Baden-Württemberg alone, there are twice as many Ukrainian refugees as in the entire country of France.

The politician suggested "weatherproof housing in the safe areas of Ukraine," as previously proposed by Interior Minister Nancy Fezer. Additionally, Zager suggested that Poland could take in more refugees from Ukraine with EU support.

Previously, politicians in the Netherlands have also voiced concerns about overcrowding due to the migrant influx. There, parliamentarians proposed returning Ukrainian refugees to safe regions of Ukraine, such as in the western part of the country.