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Germany gathers over 500 testimonies on Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Germany gathers over 500 testimonies on Russian war crimes in Ukraine Photo: German Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (Getty Images)

Germany has gathered over 500 pieces of evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. More than 160 witnesses have been interviewed, according to German Justice Minister Mark Bushman.

"We want to persuade victims and eyewitnesses of traumatic events to share with the police what they have experienced," he said.

The minister believes that the International Criminal Court's arrest warrant for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin signifies the need for Germany to continue gathering evidence. He also expressed hope that Putin will eventually face trial.

"Every photograph and every video on a mobile phone can help clarify the situation. Those who delete such material are only aiding Russian military criminals," Bushman stated.

Next week, the German Ministry of Justice will host a conference on international law. It will address, among other things, the increasing number of Russian drone strikes on civilian objects in Ukraine.

"If a Russian drone deliberately targets a residential building where civilians are present, it is a war crime," Bushman noted.

He also announced plans to expand international cooperation with Ukraine, Poland, and the United States. According to the minister, the new government in Warsaw plays a crucial role in the investigation, as Poland not only borders Ukraine but has also welcomed millions of Ukrainian refugees.

Tribunal on Russian aggression against Ukraine

It is worth mentioning that about forty countries have formed a group working on the establishment of a special tribunal to hold Russia accountable for crimes committed in Ukraine.

As previously stated in the Verkhovna Rada, the special tribunal could start operating as early as 2024.

Meanwhile, Latvia's Prosecutor General Juris Stukans stated that a special tribunal for Russia "could be established tomorrow," but it requires willingness.