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Germany fears Trump's return and termination of U.S. aid to Ukraine

Germany fears Trump's return and termination of U.S. aid to Ukraine Donald Trump, American ex-President (photo: Getty Images)

Germany fears the return to power in the United States of ex-President Donald Trump, as well as the termination of American aid to Ukraine. All this, according to Berlin, could bring the war closer to German territory.

According to the New York Times, German officials are currently discussing what will happen to NATO if the Americans re-elect Trump as president. In that case, Berlin believes, Trump may get a second chance to withdraw the United States from NATO.

"The prospect of a re-elected Mr. Trump has German officials and many of their fellow NATO counterparts informally discussing whether the nearly 75-year-old alliance structure they are planning to celebrate in Washington this year can survive without the United States at its center," the NYT notes.

In addition, given the unreliable United States, the aggressive behavior of Russia and China, and Israel's conflict with Hamas, German officials are beginning to talk about the emergence of a new, complex, and disturbing world that will have serious consequences for European and transatlantic security.

In particular, Berlin is concerned about the growing pessimism that the United States will continue to finance Ukraine's struggle, while Germany has allocated nearly €8 billion to support Ukrainians. German officials fear that Russia could win if U.S. funding for Ukraine stops, and then the war could move closer to Berlin.

German Chancellor goes to the U.S.

This month, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will visit the United States to meet with U.S. President Joe Biden.

Scholz and Biden plan to coordinate their actions ahead of the NATO summit in Washington, D.C., and discuss pressing global issues.