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German general affirms Ukraine's necessity to mobilize more soldiers

German general affirms Ukraine's necessity to mobilize more soldiers Illustrative photo (Photo: Getty Images)
Author: Daria Shekina

Ukraine probably needs to mobilize a larger number of people for the war with Russia. This necessity has arisen for several reasons, according to a statement of Major General Christian Freuding, who heads the special staff on Ukraine at the Ministry of Defense of Germany, in an interview with rnd.

"Undoubtedly, Ukraine will have to mobilize more soldiers - simply due to the number of casualties, as we see. But also because the troops, some of which have been on the front line for 24 months, need replenishment," emphasized the Major General.

According to him, the type and scale of mobilization are currently being discussed in Ukraine. Such a process is political and social, and the demographic situation in the country also plays a role, according to Freuding.

He stated that against the backdrop of mobilization, the Ukrainian authorities must consider the "economic viability of the state."

Draft law on mobilization

Recently, a draft law on mobilization was submitted to the Ukrainian Parliament. It proposes to change the procedure for its conduct.

In particular, the document envisages lowering the conscription age to 25 years, strengthening restrictions for draft evaders, and granting new powers to military enlistment office employees.