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Geopolitical opportunity to resolve Transnistria issue appears soon - Sandu

Geopolitical opportunity to resolve Transnistria issue appears soon - Sandu President of Moldova Maia Sandu (photo: Getty Images)

Moldovan President Maia Sandu does not rule out that a "geopolitical opportunity" will arise over the next few years to resolve the Transnistrian region issue.

"Our main goal remains to maintain peace and stability in the country. We are trying to resolve the issues step by step, without much noise... Residents of the left bank also want to live in peace, and they are scared now because the region borders Ukraine. We will demonstrate the positive effects of European integration - and I cannot imagine how they can refuse European integration," the president said.

According to Sandu, the main problem is the presence of Russian troops.

"We see the Kremlin's servants here expressing concern about Moldova's neutrality from morning to evening. But Moldova's neutrality status is violated exclusively by Russia. No other country violates neutrality," Sandu said.

Destabilization of the situation in Moldova

Earlier, Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that Russia was bribing voters in the November local elections.

In addition, Chisinau is trying to fight Russian propaganda. In October 2023, access to 22 Russian propaganda TV channels was blocked in Moldova. Following this and other steps, the pro-Russian Shor party organized protests to overthrow the current government and demanded the impeachment of President Maia Sandu.

As a result, the Constitutional Court of Moldova banned the activities of Shor.

In January, Sandu also noted that the risks from the Russian Federation due to attempts to overthrow the government in Chisinau had not disappeared. It is expected that in the spring, Russia will again try to destabilize the situation in Moldova by using the regime in Transnistria.