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Gas pipeline exploded in Crimea, fire visible for miles

Gas pipeline exploded in Crimea, fire visible for miles Photo: Explosion in Crimea (Getty Images)

A gas distribution unit near Alushta, in the temporarily occupied Crimea, caught fire following an explosion, leading to gas supply disruptions for some residents, inform Russian Telegram channels.

According to Sergei Aksyonov, the self-proclaimed head of Crimea, the incident at the Alushta gas pipeline is technical, and authorities have ruled out sabotage.

The city's mayor has indicated that gas supply interruptions could occur on July 7 due to the fire. Meanwhile, some Russian Telegram channels have already reported that part of Alushta’s residents are without gas.

Emergency responders and forestry workers are on the scene, with initial reports suggesting that the fire was caused by a gas pipeline bridge depressurization.


Gas supply in Alushta and several surrounding settlements has been halted due to damage to the main gas pipeline.


The fire has spread from the gas distribution networks to the forest, though it does not pose a threat to residential buildings. Additional forces and resources from the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations have been deployed to extinguish the fire in the area.

Gas supply has been cut off in 14 settlements in the Alushta region, affecting approximately 1,700 households.

Additionally, RBC-Ukraine previously reported that a Russian drone attack in southern Ukraine prompted Romania to scramble its F-16 fighter jets.