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Frontline update: Russia opens new front, Ukraine makes advances

Frontline update: Russia opens new front, Ukraine makes advances Weekly frontline updates (

Ukrainian Armed Forces keep up conducting a counteroffensive on the frontlines, liberating 9 sq km in the east and 28.4 sq km in the south over the past week. Russians have opened another front for their offensive, as Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar said to Ukrainian TV.

Eastern front

"Last week, we achieved tactical success on several fronts, primarily in the Bakhmut sector. We made advances in the settlements. The main battles took place in Berkhivka and Klishchiivka, and the fighting is still ongoing there," she said.

Bakhmut sector

Regarding the flanks around Bahmut, heavy fighting occurred in the north, while there were tactical successes and some advances in the south.

"The enemy is putting up strong resistance. What our armed forces are facing is a very tough fight. The fact that our Armed Forces are advancing while the enemy is not speaks to the professionalism, bravery, and strength of our military," Maliar added.

According to her, Ukrainian forces are dealing with the enemy's reinforcement.

"Regarding the Bakhmut sector, the enemy has deployed two airborne assault regiments there, bolstering their own capabilities. Therefore, the confrontation is very serious," she added.

A new direction of the Russian offensive

As the Deputy Minister of Defense explained, in the past few days, the enemy practically opened up another direction for the offensive – Svatove front.

"The fiercest battles took place where the Serebryanske Forestry is located. The enemy is trying to break through to reach Lyman and essentially surround Nevske, Dibrovy, and Bilohorivka with fighting. However, the enemy is unable to realize its plans," she stated.

Frontline update: Russia opens new front, Ukraine makes advances

Maryinka and Avdiyivka fronts

The enemy's actions in these areas are aimed at gaining control over settlements. "But we can see that they have been unsuccessful for several months now," Maliar said.

In the east, the enemy has significantly increased shelling. The number of shellings in the east has doubled over the week: two weeks ago: 6,457 shellings; last week: 11,753 shellings.

Southern front

Ukrainian troops continue their offensive operations in the Melitopol and Berdiansk directions. Specifically, they conducted offensive actions in Novodarivka, Pryyutne, Novodanylivka, Robotyne, as well as Novosilka, and Staromayorske, where Ukraine's army was a success.

"In fact, we can talk about liberating approximately 28 sq km in that area last week. There were intense battles, and this phrase can characterize the entire situation in the east and south last week," Maliar said.

On the southern front, the Ukrainian forces are facing continuous mine-laying and remote mining. The enemy is also deploying significant reserves there.

De-occupied territories over the week

According to Maliar, the Ukraine-liberated territory in the east increased by 9 sq km last week. This increase was mainly due to the improvement of troops' positions.

During the past week, the liberated territories in the south increased by 28.4 sq km. Overall, the liberated area in the south now totals 158.4 square kilometers.

Russian losses

As of the morning of July 3, the Ukrainian military eliminated 600 Russian soldiers in a day. The total number of losses for the Russian army since the beginning of the invasion is 230,260 military personnel. Additionally, Ukraine's forces destroyed the helicopter.

As for last week, the occupiers lost more than 5,000 soldiers. At the same time, almost 500 units of Russian military equipment were destroyed.