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Why 'Friends' star Matthew Perry passed away: Details

Why 'Friends' star Matthew Perry passed away: Details Actor Matthew Perry (photo:

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner's Office has determined the cause of actor Matthew Perry's death, reveals CNN.

At the high levels of ketamine found in his postmortem blood specimens, the main lethal effects would be from both cardiovascular overstimulation and respiratory depression. This led to unconsciousness and drowning.

Perry was “reported to be receiving ketamine infusion therapy for depression and anxiety,” the autopsy report states. Perry’s last known treatment was a week and a half before his death, the autopsy states, well beyond the time it would still be in his system from the treatment.

The report further explains that ketamine has medical and surgical uses as an anesthetic and is also known as a recreational drug mainly due to its "dissociative" nature, indicating disconnection of mind and body. It can also have short-duration hallucinatory and psychedelic effects.

Matthew Perry's death

Matthew Perry died on October 29 at the age of 54. The actor was found unconscious in the pool by his assistant when he returned home. He pulled Perry out of the pool and called an ambulance.

The actor became famous for his role as Chandler Bing in the TV series Friends. Read more about Perry's career in RBC-Ukraine's article.