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Fresh start from Monday: Zodiac signs ready to begin anew

Fresh start from Monday: Zodiac signs ready to begin anew For which zodiac signs will a happy period begin (illustration:

The new week, starting April 29, will give representatives of four zodiac signs the opportunity to start afresh. The chance to change everything will give them wings. Joy pup website reveals which zodiac signs will start a new life.


A period of harmony will come in your life. You will finally be able to find balance and engage not only in solving problems but also in pleasant activities.

Next week, you will have a chance to start everything anew, leaving all the bad things in the past.


Starting from Monday, you will have many opportunities to start a new life. Focus on achieving success, you will be able to reach all your goals if you truly desire it.

Most likely, you will have to make tough decisions. Stay resolute and don't let anyone stray you from your intended path.


The next week will give you a chance to demonstrate your leadership qualities. Take initiative and don't fear responsibility. Your life will change for the better if you start moving forward.

Make plans, dream, and don't be afraid to burn bridges. Decisive actions will help you succeed, it's important just not to back down in front of obstacles.


You will be able to start everything anew. Unleash your creative potential and believe in yourself. Your optimism will help open any doors.

Don't fear new opportunities, you will be able to take risks and find what you've been searching for so long. Inspiration will give you wings and the desire to "reset," forgetting all the bad things.

We'd like to remind you that we've already mentioned that the Universe will bring happiness to three zodiac signs very soon.

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