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France to change tactics of arms supply to Ukraine - Ambassador

France to change tactics of arms supply to Ukraine - Ambassador Ambassador of France to Ukraine Gael Veyssiere (diplomacyandcommerce hr)
Author: Maria Kholina

France will continue to assist Ukraine with weapons, although with a change in supply tactics, according to the French ambassador to Ukraine, Gael Veyssiere.

"The support from France in supplying military equipment naturally continues. It will gradually change its nature, as the goal is to produce more weaponry in Ukraine, not just through donations or purchases," he explained.

Veyssiere emphasized that it naturally takes some time to transition from one strategy to another.

Additionally, the ambassador highlighted the political backing for this strategy of supplying weapons to Ukraine, provided, among others, by Catherine Colonna (the French Minister of Foreign Affairs). She regularly visits Ukraine and has already made five visits to the country.

"At the moment, we are once again working on Catherine Colonna's sixth visit in the coming days. I cannot announce the date yet, but it will be soon. And of course, we are also working on other visits," Veyssiere added.

France's assistance to Ukraine

France has been actively providing financial and military support to Ukraine since the widespread Russian invasion. Recently, it was revealed that Ukrainian Armed Forces pilots will come to France next year for training as part of military aid.

A month ago, Paris announced its intention to allocate an additional €200 million to the fund supporting Ukraine, allowing the Ukrainian army to continue purchasing French equipment.