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France shows interest in expanding its business in Ukraine - Ministry of Economy

France shows interest in expanding its business in Ukraine - Ministry of Economy France shows interest in expanding its business in Ukraine, according to the Ministry of Economy (photo: Getty Images)

The French side, during a meeting between Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitalization Oleksii Sobolev, and the Director General for Global Affairs at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Aurélien Lechevallier, along with the French Ambassador to Ukraine, Gaël Veyssière, stated that they are interested in increasing the presence of French businesses in Ukraine, according to the official website of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.

During the meeting, the priority tasks for the development of the Ukrainian economy, mechanisms to support investments, and prospects for increasing the participation of French businesses in Ukraine were discussed. The parties discussed issues related to attracting investments in the recovery and development of Ukraine, as well as insurance against military risks.

Sobolev presented 11 priority tasks to stimulate the development of the Ukrainian economy. Among them are finding a mechanism for confiscating frozen Russian assets and directing them to support the Ukrainian economy, expanding export opportunities, including through expanding ship insurance programs. There was also a discussion about increasing the level of localization of domestic production, developing the defense industry, and increasing the capacity of energy generation damaged by missile attacks.

The French side is interested in working together on programs to stimulate the return and retraining of refugees, as well as in expanding the presence of its business in Ukraine, particularly in the energy sector, extraction of critical materials, and readiness to support measures to ensure the export of French companies to Ukraine.

Currently, Ukraine and France are actively considering the possibility of creating a special fund to promote investments and deepen cooperation with the French Development Agency.

It should be noted that Shulyak explained which aspects of the development of communities will be assisted by recovery programs. The main aspect for territorial communities intending to receive funding for the restoration of their projects from donors is the development of comprehensive recovery programs.

If the necessary measures for the full implementation of the project are not included in the comprehensive recovery program (CRP), then the parliament proposes not to allocate funding for this project.

Earlier, we reported that Denmark plans to build hundreds of apartments and kindergartens in one of the Ukrainian cities. Specifically, 410 apartments will be built in Chernihiv for people who have lost their homes due to the war. These apartments will be located in modern and energy-efficient buildings with comfortable internal infrastructure. Additionally, construction of a 200-place kindergarten is planned nearby.