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France and Moldova to sign pact on defense cooperation

France and Moldova to sign pact on defense cooperation President of Moldova Maia Sandu (photo: Getty Images)

On Thursday, during Moldovan President Maia Sandu's visit to France, an agreement on defense cooperation will be signed between Chisinau and Paris as part of Western efforts to strengthen the capabilities of the former Soviet state amid potential increased efforts by Russia to destabilize Moldova, according to Reuters.

Moldova has a tiny defense budget and has long had tense relations with Moscow, which have worsened as Chisinau backs Ukraine. In September, the countries reached an initial agreement on military training, regular defense dialogue, and intelligence exchange, according to the report.

Paris will support Chisinau's efforts to see how to develop its military potential, including possible procurement of air defense systems. Moldova has purchased the GM200 radar produced by Thales, which will help improve air target surveillance.

French Defense Minister Sébastien Lecornu has stated that he will review Moldova's air defense capabilities to strengthen the security of its skies. Additionally, Western countries plan to hold a conference to discuss improving support for Ukraine and Moldova.

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has stated that Ukraine needs the support of all European countries.

During a speech in Bucharest at the European People's Party pre-election congress, she noted that freedom and democracy throughout Europe are facing serious attacks, so today, more than ever, courage, leadership, and unity are needed to protect free societies and counter aggression.

"Ukraine needs the support of all free European countries. There is no more urgent task than supporting Ukraine and ensuring peace," Sandu added.

By the way, the Biden administration is considering diverting about $200 million from the US military budget to support Ukraine. These funds will be used to purchase critically needed weapons and ammunition.

Currently, Ukraine is facing a shortage of artillery, and Russian Forces have made small territorial gains in recent weeks.

A final decision on this issue has not yet been approved. The White House is focused on persuading the US House of Representatives to pass a bill to aid Ukraine. The Biden administration is confident that if the Speaker of the House puts this bill to a vote, it will be passed by a large majority.