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Foods that cause excessive sweating

Foods that cause excessive sweating What foods cause excessive sweating (photo: Freepik)

Excessive sweating can happen not only because of extreme heat. Some foods can also cause excessive sweating because of their thermogenic effect, according to the HuffPost website.

Why sweat smells bad

The fluid secreted by the sweat glands is odorless.

Sweat is 98% water and 2% various substances, including zinc, copper, iron, nickel, and cadmium. In a favorable moist environment, bacteria accumulate and become active. It is the products of these bacteria that produce an unpleasant odor as a result of decomposition.

If you do not have the opportunity to take a shower immediately after sweating, the number of bacteria and their waste products increases. As a result, the odor becomes even more pungent.

What foods make you sweat faster

Spicy foods

Nutritionist Amy Kimberlain says that spicy foods contain a compound called capsaicin, which leads to more sweating.

People also have different perceptions of spice levels, which can affect whether and how much they sweat.

Hot drinks and foods

Kimberlain also notes that a cup of hot coffee or a warm bowl of soup raises the internal temperature of the body. When the temperature rises, the glands secrete sweat.


Some people's faces may turn red after drinking alcohol. Alcohol speeds up the heart rate and dilates the blood vessels in the skin.

This can lead to redness of the skin, an increase in body temperature, and increased sweating.


Foods and drinks containing caffeine (such as coffee, black tea, and energy drinks) stimulate the central nervous system, which activates the sweat glands.

Foods that can reduce sweating

Foods that can reduce sweating include plain yogurt, milk, cheese, and other calcium-rich dairy products. They can help regulate body temperature.

Foods high in fiber (whole grains, oats, fruits, vegetables, and beans) allow the body to digest quickly.

Thanks to its calming properties, eating mint reduces the number of impulses sent to the sweat glands, so they secrete less secretion.

Since food and drink can affect people differently, it's worth limiting triggers.

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