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Florida deploys National Guard troops to Texas to secure border with Mexico

Florida deploys National Guard troops to Texas to secure border with Mexico Photo: Florida is sending National Guardsmen to Texas to protect the border (Getty Images)

Florida will deploy the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies to the American-Mexican border to assist Texas in dealing with illegal migrants from Mexico, according to the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

Additionally, a battalion of approximately 1,000 law enforcement officers will be sent to Texas as reinforcement.

"States have every right to defend their sovereignty and we are pleased to increase our support to Texas as the Lone Star State works to stop the invasion across the border," stated DeSantis.

According to him, the reinforcement will assist Texas in setting up additional barriers, including barbed wire along the border.

Issues with the U.S.-Mexico border

One of the main issues is the increasing number of illegal migrants crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S. This is attributed to various factors, including poverty, violence, and persecution in Central American and Mexican countries.

President Biden proposed allocating $106 billion to aid Ukraine and Israel, but Senate Republicans insisted on amending the bill to include more radical proposals for securing the border with Mexico.

Later, Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated that he is prepared to oppose the federal government regarding the protection of the southern U.S. border from the influx of migrants. According to him, he is ready for a potential conflict with the federal government over the situation around the Mexico-U.S. border.