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First Ukrainian pilots complete F-16 training in Arizona

First Ukrainian pilots complete F-16 training in Arizona Illustrative photo: Ukrainian pilots complete F-16 training in the United States (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The first group of Ukrainian pilots has already completed training on F-16s at a military base in Arizona, United States, according to Arizona National Guard spokesperson Erin Hannigan.

The completion of the training will be a decisive step towards the introduction of modern American-made fighter jets in the Ukrainian sky.

The pilots were trained at the 162nd Air National Guard Base in Tucson. Hannigan did not disclose how many of them graduated or the exact date of graduation for reasons of their safety.

The pilots are now heading to Europe for additional training.

Transfer of F-16s to Ukraine

Back in 2023, Ukraine's allies created an aviation coalition. As part of it, Ukraine will receive F-16 fighters from the Netherlands, Denmark, and other partners.

For this purpose, training of Ukrainian pilots on F-16s was organized. Subsequently, the United States announced that the first F-16s would arrive in Ukraine with trained pilots and technicians.

It has also recently become known that the first specialists in the maintenance of F-16 fighters have begun to return to Ukraine.